About TYC

Take Your Chance Football Trials was established in January 2018 by Will Drake.

TYC Football Trials aim is to create opportunities for young footballers; working with both professional and semi professional clubs in promoting awareness of their open trials, trial processes and netball education programmes/scholarship programmes.

Trials and Academy

Could You Be a Professional Footballer?

Take Your Chance

We want to give young players a chance to show what they can do on the football pitch and our aim is to be working with as many clubs around the UK as possible to promote these opportunities to provide more chances to players wanting to make it in the game.

Why Attend a Trial?

I created TYC Football Trials simply to make players aware of the opportunities that are out there. I’m a qualified football coach myself and have coached all different levels of players and have noticed some very good young players that have never thought about attending a trial for an academy but may have a very good chance of playing at academy level if they had the opportunity.

Different Opportunities

I went through a football education programme which provided many openings, however again I don’t think a lot of people are aware of how many football education programmes are available; you get to play a good level of football and have the opportunity to study as well.

These programmes provide various exit routes, such as playing professional/semi professional football, gaining scholarships to play in places like the USA or even becoming a football coach. There are lots of opportunities available and I want to help young players to be aware of trials and education programmes and take their chance!

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